Entry #1

Finishing the NG Layout... in song!

2007-07-17 19:44:21 by JohnMazz

I was doing some work on NG, looking through some submissions on an old account and when I tried to log in, I couldn't remember the PW. I sent an email to Wade for some help, and when I got back from GMail, I saw the under construction page and almost screamed like a schoolgirl in the middle of my job. I was so excited that I wanted to make something to commemorate the new layout. So I took the under construction animation and made a little game out of it, poking fun at the past Rock Out contest, and the layout itself.

Check it out:
Finishing the NG Layout!

Everyone seems to like it, so thats great. Anyway, the layout looks awesome, cant wait to play with all the new stuff.

Finishing the NG Layout... in song!


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2007-07-20 18:53:39

the n lay out is wicked. thanks for 5the new design!!!


2007-09-23 04:48:21

Hi and the ng lay out is good but whan are you and Pinnicle going to make another movie i been waiting for a episode called PJ WIRRLESS7 Are you going to make one and are you going to make moving of bling to The Future2 and other movies and games plase can you make more l been wanting a pj wirrles 7 since last year and Bling of the Future2 since febury the 6th since l seen it plase
PS.I seen all the movies on neptunecircle


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