Selfish Treasure Hunt

2007-11-08 15:19:00 by JohnMazz

The NG Treasure Hunt always produces some great results. As you know, Tom asks us to submit suggestions for undiscovered content. I always want to suggest my own stuff, but that would be kind of lame, right? So how about this:

We'll have our own Treasure Hunt Contest with one difference. You can only suggest your own past works. A Selfish Treasure Hunt, if you will...

So reply with one of your past flash submissions that you want to show off, and when I can post to the front page again next week, I'll pick a winner!

What do you think?


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2007-11-08 15:22:21

an okay idea if you ask me. Tell tom, maybe e can make it offical.

(Updated ) JohnMazz responds:

Well I just thought it would be fun to do in my blog, if they wanna make it official, thats cool but for now, feel free to just post here for fun.


2007-11-08 15:41:38

my flash sucks, i don't even have flash, but i'll tell my friends.

JohnMazz responds:

Thats ok, Just post anything you want anyone to see.


2007-11-08 17:24:51

Do the same rules apply? (i.e no past frontpages or awards)


2008-01-15 21:12:25

How's neptune circle going?


2008-02-15 19:22:02

i say that the stick showdown collab didint get the attention it needs but some peice of crap "nerosis" collab got front page with a lower score


2008-08-15 22:28:59

I do you seem pretty good