What would you Change/Add to NG?

2007-11-01 12:43:15 by JohnMazz

I posted last week proposing a change to the voting system (making it so you cant vote multiple times per movie) and got mixed feedback, but it made me wonder.

If you could make one change or addition to NG? What would it be?

I would love to see more RSS syndication options. What if everyone could have a personalized RSS feed that they could customize to receive updates on only thin things they wanted. Maybe you want your RSS feed to update with only the top new games daily, the top 5 new submissions, and latest Newgroudns news posts, and I might want updates on when a particular author makes a new movie, the weekly top 20, and the top daily audio portal submissions. Just tuns of possible combinations. Then you can plug the feed into your favorite RSS aggregate and your all set.

What about you?


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2007-11-01 12:47:11

i want a pie channel, nah, if there was 1 tihng to change it would be.. er.. (havent thought this through)

how about in the forum when you hover over the topic/thread you can see the first post so taht when you hover over it and its something reall you can not bother clicking on it (its to stop wasting your time to see if its a topic in the thread) ((Like a preview))


2007-11-01 12:50:22

Changing the voting requirements to 2.0 avg. so NG isn't filled with crap.


2007-11-01 13:19:51

I don't agree with DELUCA2400.
If we did that then a lot of good movies would be gone too

I would like a NG radio thingy.


2007-11-01 13:29:00

Dazmi, there is already, only in flash. It's called NG In a Box - search for it here :)
I would like themes. Like, if you really like the madness theme you could have that, or if you like RED buttons instead of yellow. OR ORANGE BACKGROUND.
Also a fullscreen mode for games and movies would be nice :)


2007-11-01 13:45:45

I would make it so that people couldn't vote on things unless they had accounts


2007-11-01 13:46:01

but they could still watch the movies


2007-11-01 14:37:30

They should bring back the "Jump To Random Enrty" button.
That used to kill a lot of time and I miss it *cries*.


2007-11-01 15:11:35

I find that you should gain experience from voting on audio submissions, and also that you can blam them. There's a lot of crap on the audio portal


2007-11-01 15:59:19

To respond to what is here so far:

1) We definitely plan to get crazy with RSS stuff, just can't promise WHEN. :(

2) Forum topic hovers would be cool, I'll keep a note of that although it won't be a high priority project.

3) http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /361915

4) Yeah, the random entry button needs to make a comeback...