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Portal Movie Score Drop

Posted by JohnMazz - January 2nd, 2009

I just released a movie on my other account. I thought it was pretty good, and apparently, so did 200 other people; it passed judgment at 3.93.

I logged off and came back a half hour later. In that time, 37 more people voted, and the score dropped from 3.93 to 3.70.

I haven't released a movie on the portal in a few months, maybe I missed something. Is this common? Why would I have a 3.93 average from 200 voters, then after the score is visible, 37 more people came in and dropped it by .23 points?

Either this is a fluke, just some bad luck, or there is something fundamentally wrong with the Newgrounds rating system...

Comments are appreciated.

Comments (24)

maybe because those people didn't like it..... just a possibility....

It happens.
A majority of the time, when a flash is under judgement, people vote 4's, 5's and 0's. After it's out, is usually the 're-correction' stage, where people go 'Hey, this doesn't deserve x score, I should vote 0 to lower it staggeringly' - and vice versa.

Also, after 200 votes, 1 vote is worth 0.XX from a high level user so who knows.

The same person who may vote 5 before seeing the score may vote 2 or 1 after seeing it. Why cant people vote how they actually think?

See my response to Coolio Niato below, the numbers prove it. People voted higher before passing than after.

If seeing a movie's score will change your mind about what to rate it, then maybe you shouldn't be able to see the score before voting.

when a movie is fresh to the portal, the votes tend to have a HUGE influence on it's score since it has hardly any votes to define a stable average. a lot of flashes tend to go under the radar because of this, but yeah after getting out of judgment your score will either be over scored or underrated, yours was obviously over scored during judgment and has settled to an average based on user votes later on.

Once out of judgement, your blue scoring movie attracts more viewers.. Usually these viewers are people who submitted movies of their own on the same day and want to have a leg up in the competition.

Also it could just be more people watched and realized it wasn't deserving of such a high score.

That's what I'm saying. Downvoting isn't right. Everyone should vote their opinion of the submission. If we can't be trusted to do that on our own, maybe some changes are needed in the voting system?

There's a lot of people who just down vote just for the hell of it. It happens to even the best videos. If there weren't any down voters, the scores would be much much higher.

Ha, .23 isn't that bad compared this one I made for a crew, it dropped from 4.00 to 3.4 in about 30 minutes.There weren't that many votes from when it came out of the portal at around a 4.00, so that meant that everyone who voted was blamming it. Although I don't believe it deserved a 4, and was voted down to correct it like the guys above me said, I don't believe it should have been so harshly attacked to a mere 3.4

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/473804">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /473804</a>

Some people have submitted a flash then, maybe worse than yours, but they really want that award you took from them &gt;:( they get all their friend and downvote yours so they can get ahead. Thats what i think.

put mario and sonic in it next time

then we won't have to hear you bitch about shit no one cares about !

You're awfully vocal about something you don't care about. Why respond in the first place?

its fairly normal, when under judgment more people are interested in blam/save points and then youll have the reality check score... well NG reality.. some of it is luck, like if you bump heads with some other well known, its possible their fanbase is so strong that they will find youre 'good' score threatening... its kind of an annoying side effect of ng but one that exists and we as artists learn to live with. i wouldnt take it personally.

That's crazy, and very detrimental to an up and coming author who doesn't have as much power.

If score is so important, steps should be taken to try to preserve the integrity of each vote. It doesn't really matter to something like YouTube, which has scoring but there's no real benefit to having a high scoring movie. This isn't the case with Newgrounds.

More proof that rtil is just a stupid jerk that spends all his time on Newgrounds. It's pretty ironic calling people names for 'bitching' when you (rtil), did it as well at one point.

its new out of the portal, so obviously each rating weighs it down more. Like Iv had games go from 3.8 to 3.2 though they really didnt deserve a 3.8 in the first place but meh it happens.

Hmm. Perhaps voting should be disabled if you submitted your submission that day and the submission you wanted to vote on was also submitted the same day... That'd prolly solve the problem of downvoting rivals.

I've always been in favor of more voting limits, there's no reason not to do something like this.

Um.. if you do the math, its really not that much. Considering 37 people is 16% of the entire population that voted, if ALL of them voted an average of 3 (or all of them did vote 3 lets say), then the 3.93 would drop to a 3.701 considering each person has the same equal vote.

Srsly, this is nothing to complain about.

I'm not complaining about the math:
200 people voted 3.93 on average while the score was hidden.
Once the score appeared, the next 37 people voted a 2.46 (again, on average)

I'm complaining about the voting system and the state of the community. (see above responses.)

yea when you have a high level your votes are worth more than one vote! so maybe they were just high level people!

I don't know. The scores in 2008 are more easily swayed for some reason. Voting 5 on one of my old 200-vote flashes doesn't do anything, yet voting 5 on a 2008 200-vote flash does.

duh that's why people submit right before midnight, so their score is really high when it comes out of judgement. they grab a daily, and bam!

littlefoot's score coming out of judgement was like 4.8...you really think it's gonna stay there?

people nowadays don't vote on the score they think it deserves, lots of people vote 0 or 5 to lower or raise the score to what they think it deserves. its how newgrounds has always been, when your submission is far past being underjudgement after making it to the portal, thats it's real score. front page is a whole 'nother story

yeah I see things like this, even for myself. and also on the frontpage. Remeber World Conqueror The Game? That dropped from a 4.73 to like a 4.30 after it was removed from the frontpage.

I've had movies of mine pass at 3.8 drop down to around 3.4 or lower. If people don't agree with the score usually they vote whatever will bring it down to the score they think it should have, as opposed to just voting whatever that may be in the first place.

you should check the audio portal -_-

That sucks really bad. I think its funny, and i like the deleted scenes. their funny and cant wait for the 4 pack to come out

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